Rāmere 17 o Here turi kōkā

What lessons do we take from the teachers’ strike

Now the strike is over, the question teachers will have to ask is whether or not it’s had the impact they’d hoped for.

Teachers’ strike: How does a state teacher’s lot compare with private sector and educators around the world?

New Zealand is in the bottom 13 when comparing teachers paid at the top of the scale, according to OECD figures from 2015.

Primary school teachers, principal warn more strike action on the cards

Waikato NZEI teacher representative Michelle Ryan will be involved in pay negotiations in Wellington next week and couldn’t rule out further strike action.

Education, technology and digital divides

There’s a strong case for giving digital technology a greater share of the curriculum.

Rare truancy prosecution a case of ‘last resort’

More than 280,000 New Zealand students were regularly absent from school last year. This year, just one parent has been prosecuted for it.



Kate Hawkesby: Not all teachers are created equal

It’s business as usual again today for schools across the country – kids back into uniforms this morning and back into classrooms.

But how long before the next strike?

Merepeka Raukawa-Tait: Targeting Māori youth not discriminatory

When each programme was advertised we would get calls complaining “Why are ‘you people’ advertising a course for Māori women only? That’s discriminatory. Why isn’t it open for all women to come along?”

These calls were usually handled by Dame June. “Oh please,” she would say. “Since when have they been interested in empowering Māori women? They’re not. They’re just upset the course is specifically targeting Māori women, catering to their needs.”

Te reo naysayers: build a bridge, and don’t be the troll under it

Setting out on my te reo Māori pathway, I naively imagined a positive response to a series of articles on learning a new language. I expected a few ‘why bother?’s, but hoped for mostly messages of support and encouragement. But my second column established the opposite. It was live for less than 12 hours before Stuff disabled comments.