Rāmere 31 o Here turi kōkā

Primary school teachers’ and principals’ pay negotiations remain gridlocked

Primary school teachers are disappointed not to have a new pay offer two weeks after striking, their union’s president says.

PPTA head says increase in ‘negative’ disciplinary action shows need for more help

Statistics New Zealand released their latest annual report last month detailing the rates of expulsions, stand-downs, exclusion and suspensions in Kiwi schools, as well as looking at demographics and the reasons behind the action. The report says “in 2017, age-standardised stand-down, suspension, exclusion, and expulsion rates all increased.

Bible lessons provoke one mother’s wrath and she is not alone

A mother took her son out of a north Auckland school because of “concerning religious instruction”, which it was difficult to opt out of.

Interactive anti-bullying tool Oat the Goat a $334228 success

The digital pick-a-path book is aimed to help children aged four to seven make positive choices in a bullying scenario.

Leadership strategy and framework

The Education Council has released the final version of The Leadership Strategy for the teaching profession of Aotearoa New Zealand and an Educational Leadership Capability Framework.



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