Rāapa 26 o Mahuru

Govt aims to recruit 400 overseas teachers to fill teaching gaps

The new target is more than twice the 183 immigrant and expatriate Kiwi teachers who have been approved for relocation grants to move to New Zealand since last December.

Schools could ask for signed consent to teach religious instruction

Religious instruction continues to be taught at many state primary and intermediate schools. They may soon have to ask parents for their consent to do so.

Micro-credentials could be answer to NZ’s cybersecurity skills shortage

Technology giant Cisco and two New Zealand universities are putting a fresh focus on addressing New Zealand’s cybersecurity skills shortage.

Wellington’s Victoria University will change its name to University of Wellington

The capital’s oldest university  is a step closer to becoming the University of Wellington after the campus’ council has voted “yes” to change its name at a meeting on Monday – nine votes in favour, two against.

Media releases


Including the Gifted: Professionals Praise Plan

giftEDnz: Specialist educators in gifted education have been waiting over a decade for the government’s promise of giftedness being identified and provided for as a special educational need.



Judy McGregor: Women still struggle to make top of academia

The struggle to achieve gender equality in tertiary education is a glass half-full story.


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