Rāapa 31 o Whiringa ā nuku

Fewer schools will sit NCEA online this year

The number of schools using online exams this year has dropped by three, raising questions about an official target of offering all exams online by 2020. Only 52 of the 420 schools offering the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) have signed up for students to sit their exams online this year, down from 55 last year.

NZ among worst ranked for inequality in education

The Unicef report ranks the country at 33 out of 38 for inequality in the classroom, using global data from different reports looking at education from early education to secondary school.

Teachers want long-term solutions as Government looks overseas in recruitment plan

As the teacher shortage reaches crisis point, the Government is looking overseas for 900 teachers. But will its recruitment plan be enough?



Science shouldn’t be a ‘nice to have’ in schools

The introduction of National Standards by the previous government saw a major change to our primary school curriculum. More class time was spent on the ‘basics’ of literacy and numeracy, which meant that some subjects were pushed out of an already crowded curriculum.


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What’s the real cost of tertiary education?

Industry Training Federation of New Zealand: New analysis exposing the real cost to taxpayers of tertiary education shows that work-based traineeships and apprenticeships are the most cost-effective and efficient way to provide the skills and qualifications New Zealand needs.

International education contributes $5.1 billion to New Zealand economy

NZGovt: New research shows the most recent annual economic value of international education is $5.1 billion, making it the country’s fourth largest export, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said. “$4.8 billion is attributed to international students visiting New Zealand and $0.3 billion to education and training goods and services delivered offshore,” Chris Hipkins said.

Facilitation dates set

NZEI: Primary teachers’ union NZEI TE Riu Roa and the Ministry of Education are set to begin facilitation on Monday 5th November at 10.30am.



Rāhina 29 o Whiringa ā nuku

Employment Relations Authority to facilitate in teachers’ strike

A planned nationwide strike of primary school teachers and principals is still on, despite both parties agreeing to facilitation. The Employment Relations Authority has accepted a joint application for facilitation lodged by the primary teachers’ union and the Ministry of Education.

Early childhood teacher shortage means teachers can get ‘whatever they want’

A survey by the Early Childhood Council has found that 30 per cent of childcare centres have unfilled vacancies for qualified teachers this month, with the average time required to get a suitable applicant up from 70 working days at this time last year to 97 days.

Strike action highlights reo teacher shortage

New Zealand Education Institute -Te Riu Roa (NZEI) president Lynda Stuart says schools are at a crisis with teacher shortages and retention, particularly reo Māori teachers in both kaupapa Māori and mainstream schools.

Importance of culturally proficient teachers

How important is it to pronounce a student’s name properly?. Dr Punita Rice is an education researcher and academic adviser with John Hopkins University in the US. She has very firm views on teachers being culturally proficient in increasingly diverse schools.


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State integrated Schools meet with Education Minister

Catholic Education Office: Proprietors and Principals of state integrated Schools embrace opportunity to meet with Education Minister.



Engaged students make for engaged citizens

Making civics part of the curriculum would develop the type of knowledge, skills and dispositions students need for a lifetime of citizen involvement, argues Dr Bronwyn Wood

Rāmere 26 o Whiringa ā nuku

Primary school teachers and principals vote to strike across country

Primary school teachers have voted to strike and will walk off the job for a week from November 12.

Govt needs to ‘widen purse strings’ for teachers – NZEI

Parents of primary school aged children will be hoping mediation will avert new strike action announced last night by teachers.

Education Secretary discusses teacher pay, conditions

Earlier on Morning Report the president of the NZ Principals Federation Whetu Cormick told us the dispute could be settled without any further increase to the pay offer. The Secretary for Education is Iona Holsted.

One Year On: Teachers disappointed, frustrated

RNZ education correspondent, John Gerritsen, has been asking teachers and principals what they make of it all one year down the track.

Tertiary education at a ‘crossroads’, the fight: public-funded vs privatisation

Tertiary education is at a “crossroads” as the wrath of a “neo-liberal approach” and the fight for a public-funded sector collide, says Michael Gilchrist.

Schools not quick enough to recruit teachers, claims Education Minister Chris Hipkins

Chris Hipkins says there was hesitation among school leaders to employ new teachers because they required extra support.

One in five teacher training graduates don’t work in schools

One in five teacher training graduates don’t end up working in schools – but it’s not because schools don’t want them, education professionals say.

Educational disadvantage starts from age 10

Equity in Education: Breaking down barriers to social mobility finds that, on average across OECD countries with comparable data, more than two-thirds of the achievement gap observed at age 15 and about two-thirds of the gap among 25-29 year-olds was already seen among 10-year-olds.

Students are missing out on science due to inadequate training, says science group

Pseudoscience could take hold of New Zealand if curious children don’t pursue science in schools. But primary teachers don’t have the confidence to teach students science due to inadequate training and a lack of resources, says House of Science CEO and founder Chris Duggan.


Rāapa 24 o Whiringa ā nuku

One in three university students aren’t completing their degrees

Universities contested the statistics, with Universities New Zealand director Chris Whelan saying the results “the potential to mislead students” because those who changed degrees were double counted as both a dropout and a successful completion.

NZ education becoming more equal as rich students slip more than poor students

A new report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows that differences between socio-economic groups in New Zealand are now close to the OECD averages in reading, maths and science.

Reskilling for a digital workplace

We live in a digital world but, according to a recent report from global management company Accenture, our education system prepares us for an analogue past.

Students about to become money savvy with financial changes to curriculum

Schools are about to become focused on money as the Government helps to roll out a finance module that will fit into the New Zealand curriculum.

Whanaungatanga is the next step for reo revitalisation in Tauranga

In order for the language to live, we must come together as regions. Tauranga Moana te reo Māori advocate, Ngareta Timutimu says it the way forward.


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Pacific Aotearoa website launched

NZGovt: A Pacific Aotearoa website has been launched ahead of November’s Summit to share what the Pacific community have said in relation to a refreshed Pacific Vision.



Our education system fails based on race and wealth

While lecturing the United Nations recently, our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern failed to acknowledge that we have, statistically, one of the most racist education systems in the OECD. Collectively we barely lift a finger in protest and/or to seek change.

Rāmere 19 o Whiringa ā nuku

University of Auckland Vice-Chancellor Stuart McCutcheon to step down

University of Auckland Vice-Chancellor Stuart McCutcheon will step down at the end of next year.

Sir Toby Curtis pushes for urgent hearing

Notable Maori educator Sir Toby Curtis is demanding an urgent hearing before the Waitangi Tribunal on Wai 2770. The claim centres on the closure of Partnership Schools in NZ.

Secondary school teacher shortage looks set to get worse

The demand for teachers will ease in primary schools in the next three years, but get much worse in secondary schools, a new forecast from the Education Ministry shows. See also: Overseas teacher recruitment drive doubles

All teachers challenged to widen world view

The head of the Principals Federation says a lack of familiarity with things Māori can’t be held against migrant teachers – because many New Zealand-born teachers also lack cultural awareness.

Kids’ programme hailed a major success

The inaugural holiday programme to teach Rarotonga children the local culture and way of life through farming and other activities has been hailed a huge success.

School name has ‘huge effect psychologically’

A bid to change a Dunedin school’s name is gaining traction following accusations its namesake covered up sex abuse.

Professors honoured for contribution to indigenous health

Associate Professor Suzanne Pitama (Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Whare) and Professor Lisa Matisoo-Smith are two of six University of Otago researchers who have been recognised in this year’s New Zealand Research Honours Awards. See also: Six Otago researchers recognised in NZ research honours

International students in limbo after Auckland’s Regent International Education Group closes for non-compliance


Regent International Education Group, an Auckland business school, has been closed after problems with plagiarism, poor assessment practices and low visa approval rates.

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Bill makes for a stronger public education system

Beehive: The passage of the Education Amendment Bill this afternoon draws a line under some of the most divisive policies of the previous Government and puts the emphasis back on quality education, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said.

Repeal of charter school law welcomed by secondary teachers

PPTA: The government’s support for quality public education has been demonstrated today with the passage of the bill repealing charter schools.

New physiotherapy school to open at Wintec

Wintec: Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) now has New Zealand’s first new school of physiotherapy in 45 years, a coup for the central North Island.

Rāapa 17 o Whiringa ā nuku

Primary school sector lists potential strike dates ahead of secret vote

Parents of primary school children have been given a month to prepare for strike action if teachers and principals vote “yes” in a secret ballot.

Bicultural approach to education benefits young Kiwi kids

Research shows that a child’s development is improved by learning about other languages and cultures.

Thought leadership lacking in education

New Zealand’s education system is lacking thought leadership, according to futurist Frances Valintine. “If you went to a principal today and said, ‘What is the strategy for New Zealand’s education future?’ I think they would struggle to answer that question,” she said.

Teachers need help over fear factor

A Māori education consultant says many in the sector need help to get over the fear factor when it comes to teaching Māori children.

Lack of child protection policies in schools a ‘nation-wide failure’, parent says

The Vulnerable Children Act 2014 requires schools have a child protection policy, but a journalist’s research shows they have been tardy.

Students talk online safety and bullying as Facebook and Sticks ‘n’ Stones launches programme

Wellington high school students talk about online safety and issues at the Online Safety Advocates’ programme launch.

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Education workers optimistic about Pay Equity Amendment Bill

NZEI: As the Equal Pay Amendment Bill has its first reading, a 12-year struggle for pay equity will also draw to a close for Education Support Workers, who will be receiving their first payslips with pay increases of up to 30% today.

MPs must vote to give students and staff a strong voice

TEU: Tertiary Education Union (TEU) national president Sandra Grey and NZ Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA) president Jonathan Gee today welcomed a new amendment to theEducation Amendment Bill tabled by Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick that, if passed, will increase student and staff representation on tertiary education councils.

Early childhood teacher shortage severe

NZEI: The union representing early childhood teachers has added its voice to ECE employers’ call to Government to do more to reverse a teacher shortage in early childhood services.


Rāhina 15 o Whiringa ā nuku

Teaching considered for official skill shortage list

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment said preliminary reports showed “moderate evidence” of shortages among primary, secondary and early childhood teachers and it needed strong evidence before any of the occupations could be added to its Essential Skills in Demand Lists.

Education funding boost unlikely to sway teachers voting on strike action, union says

The Government is throwing more money at the teachers’ shortage, but a union boss says it’s unlikely to sway teachers voting on strike action.

More diversity called for in New Zealand’s classrooms

New Zealand has 55,020 registered teachers, as at April 2017 – 40,819 of these are women. That is almost three times the 14,201 male teachers educating our children.

From low pass rates to 90 per cent; the Hawke’s Bay college nailing Māori education

Flaxmere College, in the heart of the titular Hastings suburb, didn’t always cater to students’ needs like this. In 2009, it hit a low. Its students were underperforming, and truant. Only a third were achieving NCEA levels 1 and 2, and only eight per cent were achieving level 3.

Wait times for Early Intervention Services appointments grow longer, despite $21.5m investment

Ministry of Education deputy secretary Katrina Casey said “experienced learning support specialists are always in high demand”. It provides about 250 study grants each year for people wanting to work with special needs children.

More EIS staff were being “actively recruited, but it will take time for the effects of this to have an impact on reducing the wait for families,” Casey said.

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New plan to address teacher shortage

NZGovt: The Coalition Government is ramping up efforts to attract over 850 additional teachers to meet an expected shortfall next year, Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced today.

Steps to fix teacher shortage are welcome but…

NZEI: NZEI Te Riu Roa has welcomed the Government’s announcement of new initiatives to address the growing teacher shortage, but says teaching must become a sustainable career choice if there is to be a long-term solution.