Rāmere 12 o Whiringa ā nuku

Universities face a crisis of the humanities

In an era of fake news and partisanship, society needs critical thinkers more than ever. So why are students increasingly turning away from the humanities? Kate Newton reports.

‘A kick in the teeth’: Grandmother stuck on $59,000 after 43 years teaching

A teacher who finished her training 43 years ago is still stuck on a salary of $59,621 – about $12,000 less than her son, who trained as a teacher 30 years later – because she doesn’t have a degree.

Media releases


Government launches Strategy for Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation

NZGovt: “Our new strategy for Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation seeks to tackle and overcome the clear inequalities for women and girls when it comes to participation, leadership and visibility within sport and active recreation in New Zealand,” Jacinda Ardern said.

Commissioner appointed at Whitireia and WelTec

NZGovt: Acting Education Minister Tracey Martin has confirmed the appointment of a Commissioner at Whitireia and WelTec. The new Commissioner, Neil Barns has more than 30 years’ experience in tertiary education. Dr Barns is a former Chief Executive of the Christchurch Polytech Institute of Technology and the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.

Pressure on Education Minister for urgent change

TEU: Education Minister Chris Hipkins’ decision to formally dissolve the combined council of WelTec and Whitireia and appoint a commissioner in its place is a clear sign that New Zealanders cannot afford for the current model of tertiary education provision to continue any longer, and that change is an urgent priority, the Tertiary Education Union said.

The Govt has the power to avert potential strike action

NZEI: The Government has the power to avert further potential strike action if it improves its collective agreement offers to primary teachers and principals. After resoundingly rejecting the Ministry of Education’s latest offers, primary teachers and principals will vote next week on whether to hold a week of rolling one-day strikes in November.



‘We care so much it exhausts us’: A Māori educator on the mountains still to climb

In her first post for Te Puna Kōrero, a new blogging platform for Māori education and kaupapa, Māori research expert Linda Tuhiwai Smith takes stock of how far we’ve come, and at what cost.

Alex Davis: Universities are not giving us unbiased knowledge

As any number of graduation speeches formulaically tell you, the purpose of a university education is to “open minds”, “search for truth” and inspire students to think broadly and freely. We turn to academia for what we assume is scientifically rigorous, evidentially based, objective and unbiased knowledge about the world and how to solve its many and varied problems.

Except of course that’s not actually the case. Six decades of research from the United States clearly demonstrate universities and academics are frequently heavily biased and skew overwhelmingly to the political left.



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