Rāapa 24 o Whiringa ā nuku

One in three university students aren’t completing their degrees

Universities contested the statistics, with Universities New Zealand director Chris Whelan saying the results “the potential to mislead students” because those who changed degrees were double counted as both a dropout and a successful completion.

NZ education becoming more equal as rich students slip more than poor students

A new report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows that differences between socio-economic groups in New Zealand are now close to the OECD averages in reading, maths and science.

Reskilling for a digital workplace

We live in a digital world but, according to a recent report from global management company Accenture, our education system prepares us for an analogue past.

Students about to become money savvy with financial changes to curriculum

Schools are about to become focused on money as the Government helps to roll out a finance module that will fit into the New Zealand curriculum.

Whanaungatanga is the next step for reo revitalisation in Tauranga

In order for the language to live, we must come together as regions. Tauranga Moana te reo Māori advocate, Ngareta Timutimu says it the way forward.


Media releases

Pacific Aotearoa website launched

NZGovt: A Pacific Aotearoa website has been launched ahead of November’s Summit to share what the Pacific community have said in relation to a refreshed Pacific Vision.



Our education system fails based on race and wealth

While lecturing the United Nations recently, our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern failed to acknowledge that we have, statistically, one of the most racist education systems in the OECD. Collectively we barely lift a finger in protest and/or to seek change.