Rāmere 26 o Whiringa ā nuku

Primary school teachers and principals vote to strike across country

Primary school teachers have voted to strike and will walk off the job for a week from November 12.

Govt needs to ‘widen purse strings’ for teachers – NZEI

Parents of primary school aged children will be hoping mediation will avert new strike action announced last night by teachers.

Education Secretary discusses teacher pay, conditions

Earlier on Morning Report the president of the NZ Principals Federation Whetu Cormick told us the dispute could be settled without any further increase to the pay offer. The Secretary for Education is Iona Holsted.

One Year On: Teachers disappointed, frustrated

RNZ education correspondent, John Gerritsen, has been asking teachers and principals what they make of it all one year down the track.

Tertiary education at a ‘crossroads’, the fight: public-funded vs privatisation

Tertiary education is at a “crossroads” as the wrath of a “neo-liberal approach” and the fight for a public-funded sector collide, says Michael Gilchrist.

Schools not quick enough to recruit teachers, claims Education Minister Chris Hipkins

Chris Hipkins says there was hesitation among school leaders to employ new teachers because they required extra support.

One in five teacher training graduates don’t work in schools

One in five teacher training graduates don’t end up working in schools – but it’s not because schools don’t want them, education professionals say.

Educational disadvantage starts from age 10

Equity in Education: Breaking down barriers to social mobility finds that, on average across OECD countries with comparable data, more than two-thirds of the achievement gap observed at age 15 and about two-thirds of the gap among 25-29 year-olds was already seen among 10-year-olds.

Students are missing out on science due to inadequate training, says science group

Pseudoscience could take hold of New Zealand if curious children don’t pursue science in schools. But primary teachers don’t have the confidence to teach students science due to inadequate training and a lack of resources, says House of Science CEO and founder Chris Duggan.



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