Rāmere 2 o Whiringa ā rangi

Primary schools start announcing plans to close during upcoming teachers’ strikes

Primary schools across the country are signalling plans to close as a series of regional teachers’ strikes approaches. Parents are again being warned to make alternative plans for when unionised teachers and principals have signalled they will strike, this time during the second week of November.

More students accessing uni counselling services

New Zealand Union of Students Association data released today shows the use of counselling services by New Zealand university students has increased nearly 25 percent in the last three years.

Women and girls skipping school or work due to period poverty, survey finds

Almost a quarter of the 5000 New Zealand women who responded to the KidsCan survey said they had missed school or work because of their period, and 53.1 per cent said they had found it difficult to access sanitary items due to cost at some point.

Thousands of students with special needs, but no data

About 80,000 school-aged children are believed to have dyslexia, but the Government can’t be sure because there is no centralised data on those with greater learning needs.

Principal warns of pressure on Māori-medium teachers

As primary teachers look to take rolling strike action across the country this month, a principal of a South Auckland wharekura says the pressures experienced by Māori medium schools are ‘four times’ worse than their mainstream counterparts.

How a new programme is helping school students avoid payday lenders

A new programme being rolled out in 111 schools teaches students how to manage money – and the difference between good and bad debt.



Briar Lipson: NCEA review is not tackling our declining performance

Will we respond to the evidence of plummeting educational standards and increasing inequity? Or will we double down, blinded by the idealism that has always underpinned the National Certificate of Educational Achievement?


Media releases

Poverty still affecting children’s education

New Zealand Educational Institute: Poverty in this country is still one of the primary reasons that children are not thriving in schools and centres.


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