Rāhina 5 o Whiringa ā rangi

Inside NZQA’s digital transformation: Getting culture right, challenging the norm

Everyone keeps saying that digital transformation is hinged on culture and people change, so how do we make sense of it all?

Digital curriculum deadline unrealistic, teachers’ union fears

Claims teachers need better support if schools are to meet a deadline to implement the digital curriculum. Some schools could fail to implement the digital curriculum, unless teachers are given more time and support to assess how to teach it, a union rep say.

Technology shakeup in New Zealand schools all about ‘balance’, say educators

There’s a catch-up race for the digital age inside New Zealand schools but overseas the wealthy are saying ‘enough.’

Roll-out of specialist teachers big win for kids with complex learning needs

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced yesterday the first 600 dedicated staff to support special learning needs such as dyslexia, autism, physical disabilities and behavioural problems would be introduced into primary and secondary schools from the start of 2020.

Ministry of Education projects 2440-teacher shortfall by 2025 if nothing is done

New Zealand’s public school sector is facing a shortfall of 2440 teachers in seven years, if the status quo remains. Ministry of Education data shows secondary schools will see the biggest shortfall based on current data, trends and policy.

New Zealand’s first Children’s University aims to put youngsters onto a tertiary path

Canterbury kids could soon enrol in a university of their own. Children’s universities around the world have offered activities from coding to horseriding, harnessing their educational potential.

AUT staff withholding student marks ‘morally and ethically’ wrong, students say

AUT staff are withholding marks during the exam period as they continue to strike for another two weeks.

Education Amendment Bill passed in third reading

The Bill requires the Minister of Education to consult when setting the statement of National Education and Learning Priorities, which outlines high level education priorities to guide planning for early childhood and compulsory education sectors.



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