Rāapa 7 o Whiringa ā rangi Wednesday 7 November

High schools classes to close early tomorrow as teacher pay talks ‘go down to the wire’

High-school teachers say they are expecting a new pay offer from the Government tomorrow, as their primary-school colleagues continue mediation over their own pay claim.

Primary educators begin facilitation with Ministry to stave off next week’s national strike

Primary school teachers may need to vote again before a week of rolling strike action goes ahead on Monday, as talks begin between the union and Ministry of Education.

English language tests for foreign teachers likely to be scrapped

English language tests for teachers educated overseas are likely to be canned next year.

Our racist education system

New Zealand has one of the least equal education systems in the world, and experts tell Laura Walters colonisation and racism are largely to blame.

Nerves high as NCEA exams approach

Students around New Zealand are preparing to sit their NCEA exams.

Watches banned from this year’s NCEA exams

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority has banned watches from the examination room because some digital watches can store information and share emails.



The problem with NZ’s response to the teacher shortage

My research into the unintended consequences of policies for equity and diversity in schools suggests this strategy to import teachers from the UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia and Fiji risks creating a mismatch between the ethnic diversity among school children and the teaching workforce.


Media releases

New report amplifies voices of Kiwis experiencing digital exclusion

The Vodafone New Zealand Foundation and InternetNZ: The paper authored by Marianne Elliott from The Workshop, is focused on listening and learning from those with lived experience of digital exclusion. The Vodafone Foundation and InternetNZ commissioned the research as an important next step in working towards the vision of a digitally connected Aotearoa New Zealand.



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