Rāapa 5 o Hakihea Wednesday 5 December

Primary teachers and principals reject Ministry of Education’s latest offer

Primary and intermediate teachers and principals have “overwhelmingly” rejected the Government’s latest pay offer saying it will not fix the industry’s staffing “crisis”.

About 30,000 New Zealand Educational Institute Te Riu Roa (NZIE) union members voted on what was the third round of offers, in a secret online ballot that closed last night.

Game-changer’: 600 dedicated teachers for high needs children

Jacinda Ardern says the new funding for 600 dedicated registered teachers to support children with complex learning needs will be a “game-changer.”

“If a child needs support and is not getting it, that’s not fair, and I’m not prepared to tolerate it,” the Prime Minister told the Labour Party conference in Dunedin.

Science educator shocked by children’s poor science results

Teachers lack the confidence and resources to deliver meaningful science lessons, an expert says.

Four in five students are not prepared for high school-level science, study finds

Ninety-four per cent of year 4 students achieved the level expected in science last year compared to 20 per cent of year 8 students – the lowest achievement of any part of the curriculum – the National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement (NMSSA) found.

Primary school pupil numbers rising and teacher numbers down

South Canterbury primary schools are full to the brim for next year but finding enough teachers to teach them is a different story.

14 NCEA subjects to offer digital exams in 2019

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) said on Monday it could offer 35 online exams between levels 1 to 3 by next November to move as many subjects online “as appropriate” and meet its 2020 digital goal which it marked as “the way of the future”.

Public feedback provides guide for the future of NCEA

Thousands of New Zealanders’ views on NCEA and its future have been captured in a report released by the Ministry of Education last week.



Andrew Dickens: Why aren’t Kiwi kids interested in science?

It was the National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement. It wasn’t the first time I came across this report, but these days it’s gained more importance because ever since the incoming government scrapped National Standards, it is one of the few tools we have to measure the effectiveness of our education.

Media releases


NZTC addresses ECE teacher shortage in practical ways

New Zealand Tertiary College:  New Zealand’s largest provider of early childhood teacher education has taken decisive action to address the critical shortage of qualified early childhood teachers.



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