Rāapa 16 o Kohitātea, Wednesday 16 January

Why some students won’t be getting their NCEA certificate

Many successful students will not receive their NCEA certificates this year because they haven’t paid the $78 fee.

‘Hiccups’ and euphoria for families logging into NCEA results

​Secondary Principals’ Association of New Zealand (SPANZ) president Michael Williams said results day was a big one for both parents and students. There would be euphoria for those who received their desired results but there would also be disappointment.

Adolescent screen time about as bad as eating potatoes, study says

The effect of screen time on adolescents’ mental health isn’t as bad as we may believe, a study says.

Taratahi staff and students in limbo in the wake of financial collapse

The liquidation of Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre, New Zealand’s largest primary sector education provider, has left staff and students in limbo.

Taranaki polytech announces its new chief executive

Education guru John Snook will take over as chief executive of Witt in February. An international kayaker turned education guru has taken the reins of Taranaki’s troubled polytech for the next two years.



Alwyn Poole: Be best teaching aide your child ever has

Some aspects of the New Zealand education system are a massive mess. It is also pretty much stating the obvious that the Bali Haque report on changing the “system” and imposing more bureaucracy, centralised control and limits on parental choice will fix things in the same way that punching a hole on the starboard side of a boat to balance a gash on the port side – so that the ship sinks equitably – is a “fix”.





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