Rāhina 28 o Kohitātea, Monday 28 January

Teachers’ unions tight-lipped on potential strike action as students return to school

The New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI) Te Riu Roa and Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) signalled the possibility of sector-wide industrial action before the Christmas holiday break but have come into the New Year tight-lipped about a Term 1 mega strike.

Epic battle starts over Tomorrow’s Schools reforms

It was designed to let schools offer a variety of kinds of education and then let the “consumers” (students and their parents) choose between them. But in practice, under the 1989 Tomorrow’s Schools system, families have chosen based mainly on the wealth of their communities – their decile ratings.

Culturally responsive teaching in a globalized world

In this increasingly globalized landscape, schools face significant challenges. Researchers have documented lower educational outcomes such as student achievement and graduation rates for immigrant students in the majority of countries around the world.

In response to these outcomes, more research is being devoted to understanding and supporting conditions for equitable learning. Culturally responsive teaching (CRT) is one idea to support these conditions. CRT is concerned with teaching methods and practices that recognize the importance of including students’ cultural backgrounds in all aspects of learning.

Telford students poised to hear minister’s verdict

A proposal from the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) to take over Telford from beleaguered Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre went to Education Minister Chris Hipkins on Friday, and will be considered in cabinet on Monday.

The robots are coming – can we be friends with them?

Voice-controlled artificial intelligence systems, and even robots, have become more common in our everyday lives; from Siri, Apple’s “intelligent personal assistant”, to WoeBot, the chatbot therapist, to Travelmate, the suitcase that uses GPS to stay close to your connected smartphone.

As they proliferate, how should we properly address, and relate, to these virtual beings?

South Auckland school scraps donations and provides free stationery

Parents at a south Auckland school no longer have to worry about buying stationery or paying donations. Rowandale Primary School in Manurewa has scrapped its request for an annual donation and is providing free stationery for every student.

Hungry children won’t show up for new school year, principal says

Principal Belinda Johnston knows of students that are without uniforms or regular meals. When the bell sounds for the start of the school year at south Auckland’s Anchorage Park School some of the chairs are likely to be empty, principal Belinda Johnston says.

It’s not that the decile three Pakuranga primary is struggling to fill its roll, rather that many parents will feel self-conscious about sending their kids to school hungry.

School uniforms – why do they cost so much?

Twenty families a day are calling the Christchurch City Mission seeking help paying for new school uniforms.

How to cope with anxiety when going back to school

It’s that time of year: school’s country wide are opening their doors for a new year. It can come as a welcome relief to parents after the long summer break, but it can cause anxiety in kids. How does a parent cope with that?

Gwendoline Smith is a clinical psychologist, speaker, blogger and author.  She also works closely with the Faculty of Education at the University of Auckland to provide guidance to school councillors.

Tauranga’s booming population hits schools in 2019

Tauranga’s surging population is forcing schools to build new classrooms and repurpose existing buildings as they prepare for a big influx of new students in 2019.



Are teachers valued in New Zealand?

I love teaching young people.  I love the energy, the challenges and the diversity they bring to my life.  But I am seriously concerned about the future of education in New Zealand.

National MP Nicola Willis wants to chop up to two weeks off schools’ summer holiday

Nicola Willis, who argues the case for a shorter break in an opinion piece in today’s Herald, said she intends to write a private member’s bill to implement the idea.

Media releases


Quitting teachers explain why they are leaving

NZEI: Surveys* of teachers and principals who quit the profession last year show they left mainly due to a lack of work/life balance and burnout from high workload. The survey respondents included 169 primary and 201 secondary teachers and principals.


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