Rāmere 1 o Hui-tanguru, Friday 1 February

Teacher shortage: Taxpayers pay $10,000 for each overseas teacher to fill gaps in schools

A massive drive to recruit foreign teachers to fill gaps in schools is costing taxpayers about $10,000 for every teacher recruited. The Ministry of Education has approved overseas relocation grants worth $1.3 million for 200 foreign teachers and 81 returning Kiwis since December 2017.

One third of children regularly miss school

More than 250,000 New Zealand students regularly missed school last year, with year 13 girls taking the most time off. The latest Ministry of Education attendance survey showed regular attendance declined notably in the secondary school years, plummeting to 41.7 per cent in year 13 girls.

Kiwi students’ grades drop due to online shopping, gaming and social media use at school

New Zealand’s largest secondary school has reported a drop in student academic performance due to students using their devices in class to shop, game or follow social media.

“Common language” needed to keep kids safe online

Schools and parents are being urged to work together to help keep children safe online, as more children head back to school with a laptop or tablet.

The stigma of a system that ‘fat shames’ Māori and Pasifika people

Western medicine says many Māori and most Pasifika people are obese. Some people are angry about the system that ‘fat-shames’ them in this way. Others are focused on finding solutions that actually work.

Bullying claims ignored at girls school

Claims of physical abuse and bullying at a large girls’ school have been poorly handled and dismissed by staff, former students say. Farah Hancock spoke to their parents about what happened, and the ensuing exodus of girls to a nearby school.

International students more than ‘cash cows’, says minister after $531,000 wellbeing announcement

Issues related to mental health and safety have seen the Government inject $531,000 into 10 projects to support international students.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced the funding on Tuesday as part of the International Student Wellbeing Strategy, which he said improved students’ experiences in New Zealand.

Lawyer slams PM Jacinda Ardern over broken ‘promises’ to deported Indian students

The lawyer for a group of Indian students deported from New Zealand over fake visas has slammed Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for her silence after she promised to help them should Labour win the 2017 election.

Whitireia/WelTec programmes canned a month before students return to studies

Students will likely be scrambling to enrol into courses after the Whitireia/WelTec polytechnic scrapped four of its programmes about a month ahead of its academic year.

Christchurch teacher used ‘unacceptable’ physical force against 5-year-old boy, tribunal finds

A Christchurch teacher has been censured after pulling a 5-year-old boy by the arm.



Parents, you’re pushing the wrong career paths on your kids

It’s time to stop asking our young people what they want to do when they grow up and, while you’re at it, stop stressing about your child’s NCEA results.

Kate Hawkesby: Time to update our antiquated school system and values

I’ve always believed the school system we’re sending our kids through is antiquated and needs to evolve to be more diverse and relevant.

Now I see a co-author of a book titled, ‘Don’t worry about the robots: How to survive and thrive in the new world of work’ is saying largely the same thing.

Editorial: School holidays need to consider working parents

The school holidays have run later than usual for many families this summer. Some schools have returned this week but many are waiting until Monday and some will not restart classes until Thursday, after Waitangi Day.

Media releases


When will Ministry act on early childhood teacher shortage?

Early Childhood New Zealand: With the first term of this school year about to begin, there have been several news stories on the teacher recruitment challenges that schools are facing. What these articles forget to mention are the similar challenges being faced by early childhood education services and centres.



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