Rāpare 7 o Hui-tanguru

Simon Bridges explains plan to tour NZ, holding 40 public meetings on the future of education

The National party leader says his main focus is on getting a clear sense of what Kiwis think about the Tomorrow’s Schools review.

Telford offered one-year lifeline as SIT takes over

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has agreed to a proposal from Invercargill’s SIT to take over the Telford campus of the Taratahi Agricultural Centre for this year.

Broad political agreement to teach NZ history and Treaty of Waitangi in schools, with caveats

There seems to be a consensus across the political spectrum about the need for schools to actively teach the Treaty of Waitangi in the context of New Zealand history, but with caveats.

Boy is responsible when schoolmate deliberately destroys his laptop

Schools are increasingly expecting parents to fork out to provide digital devices like laptops and Chromebooks as they move into an era of digital teaching, but they are keen not to be held liable for any damage to those devices.

School set to be biggest in South Is

Shotover Primary School is set to become the biggest primary school in the South Island, once a large-scale building project is finished next year.

Instagram releases guide for New Zealand parents

A Parent’s Guide to Instagram” is an initiative by the social media giant and online safety organisation Netsafe. It gives parents tips to help their children protect themselves online – whether they have 20 followers or 200,000.

Childcare centre closed indefinitely following allegations of mistreating children

Allegations about staff at the Hutt Hospital Childcare Centre emerged in late-2018. The centre remains closed indefinitely.



Editorial: Let’s go back to the future

If you’re looking for something to do on the day we celebrate the birth of a vibrant, young nation, you could take a peek at the New Zealand Curriculum. It’s the blueprint for how we teach our children and future leaders, from year 1 all the way to year 13.

On the contents page you’ll find references to “learning areas”. The usual subjects are there: English, maths and science; there’s also mention of the arts, physical education and technology. But not one reference to history.

Media releases


Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) to take over Telford

NZGovt: Education Minister Chris Hipkins has agreed to a proposal from the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) to take over the Telford campus of the Taratahi Agricultural Centre


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