Rāmere 8 o Hui-tanguru

Can bees do maths? Yes, new research shows they can add and subtract

Does the development of arithmetical thinking require a large primate brain, or do other animals face similar problems that enable them to process arithmetic operations? We explored this using the honeybee.



Inequity in education has got to go

The University of Auckland’s Wayne Smith argues it’s time to rid our schools of divisive competitive neoliberal governance

What’s the Govt doing to make school education free?

It’s about time the myth of free primary and secondary schooling is put to bed, writes Bryce Edwards.

Lack of Māori history at school made my childhood difficult

If NZ’s colonial history was taught in schools in the 1970s, I wouldn’t have been bullied for my Māori background.

Media releases


Skills, trade and wellbeing key to building resilient economy

NZGovt: In a major economic speech delivered this morning Jacinda Ardern set out how the Government’s plans to build greater resilience in the economy in the face of global economic headwinds. Education Minister Chis Hipkins will make public soon options to reform polytechnics and the wider skills training sector to raise the status of vocational training as a career and ensure the sector is more aligned with and responsive to business and national and regional skills shortages.

Staff are the foundation for future of tertiary education

TEU: In its report Changing Lives, the TEU emphasises that staff conditions of work are students’ conditions of learning. Unless the Minister puts the relationship between staff and students at the centre of a reformed ITP sector, his reforms are bound to fail. It was a timely reminder from the TEU, coming just one week before the Minister announces radical plans to restructure ITPs and change the vocational education and training system.


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