Wednesday 11 April

Survey shows strong public support for big teacher pay rise

New research shows strong public support for more Government spending on public education, including a significant pay rise for teachers and more support for children with additional learning needs…

New director targets tertiary education

Andrew (Anaru) Luke has been appointed as Director of Maori Education at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.

Boosting tertiary achievements for Māori students is a top priority for a new education boss…

Pacific students almost catch up with Europeans in NCEA

Pacific students have almost caught up with Europeans in the top two levels of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) for the first time since the qualification was introduced 15 years ago…




Tuesday 10 April

‘Bizarre’ Naplan writing test measures ‘all the wrong things’, US expert says

The Naplan writing test is “bizarre” and rewards students for using big words rather than clear expression, an international education expert has said…

Teachers need ‘whole level of new skills’ for digital future

A new science-backed strategy is needed to prepare New Zealand’s teachers for the digitised classrooms of tomorrow, top advisers say…

Bali Haque: A lesson on school funding

OPINION: If you are a parent of a child at school, you have probably already been asked for money by your school, possibly lots of money…

Schools, much like hospitals, will need a big capital injection in the Budget

The Government announces a Budget package designed to fix neglected public services…

Monday 9 April

Digital Futures in the Education System

Sir Peter Gluckman, the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, together with Professor Stuart McNaughton, Science Advisor to the Ministry of Education have released a commentary on Digital Futures and Education. Drawing on the available evidence about access to and use of digital technology in schools and out of school, the paper considers both the risks as well as potential benefits for children’s development and learning…

ECE: Govt looks to turn tide away from privatised education

The government has warned the early childhood sector it could step in to limit the detrimental effects of competition and it wants to turn the tide away from privatised education…

National tech competition for school students launches today

Deputy Secretary Early Learning and Student Achievement Ellen MacGregor-Reid welcomes the launch of an exciting new digital technologies championship today. This will be open to all New Zealand school students, and designed to encourage greater participation in digital technologies learning…

Charter schools a success, say parents in report ahead of potential closures

Parents, families and whānau are singing the praises of charter schools in the last of a three-year study into how the system works, a report says.

The report, commissioned under the previous Government, is the third of a series which has been released as Labour pressures charter schools to join the state system or face closure…

Struggling schools cut teacher aide hours to keep up with minimum wage increase

Ross Intermediate principal Wayne Jenkins says funding for teacher aides needs to be addressed.

Schools are faced with cutting teacher-aide hours in a dramatic move prompted by the recent rise in the minimum wage, which wasn’t matched with an increase in funding…

Ministry of Education withholding complaints about early childhood centres ‘tarnishes’ industry, organisation claims

Hundreds of complaints of wrongdoing in early childcare centres have gone unreported by the Ministry of Education…

Te reo Māori and sign language in preschools should be a no-brainer

OPINION: My 2-year-old son learns more in a day than I do in a month. He can already switch from French to English, sing in te reo Māori and count to ten in all three languages (albeit not necessarily in the right order)…


Friday 6 April 2018

Hato Petera College faces closure with education minister starting formal process

In early 2017, Hato Petera College boarding facilities were boarded up and the college started operating as a day school with 25-30 students. Now it has one student.

Nanogirl promotes new digital tech curriculum with competition

“Nanogirl” Dr Michelle Dickinson is urging Kiwi school students to get involved in a competition to promote the new digital technology curriculum.

New Zealand Land Wars should be taught in high school, says Waikato history teacher

A Waikato history teacher believes Kiwis need to learn about the New Zealand Wars as part of the national curriculum.

Education system at ‘crisis point’, Bay of Plenty teacher says

The education system is at “crisis point” as teachers are forced to take on social worker duties on top of their regular workload, a Bay of Plenty teacher says.

Government to rein in private early childhood sector

There are strong signs the government is preparing to rein-in profit-making companies that run early childhood centres.

Push for post-grad allowances to be restored

Student unions are pushing for the Government to live up to its election promise and bring back allowances for post-graduate study.

Golden Bay’s treasured culture blows principal’s perceptions out of the water

Golden Bay principal Linda Tame has taken on some massive challenges, but says she’s amazed at the incredible student culture that exists at the school.

Orewa North Primary School principal heads south

Departing Orewa North Primary School principal Bruce Tilby is trading the Hibiscus Coast lifestyle for a new start in Ashburton.

College’s half-century anniversary right time for principal to step aside

Allan Vester is retiring after 23 years as principal of Edgewater College, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month.



Thursday 5 April

NZSTA confident Tomorrow’s Schools Panel up to the job

NZSTA has extended its congratulations to the Tomorrow’s Schools Review Panel named by Minister Hipkins today…

Early Learning Strategic Plan terms of reference announced

Education Minister Chris Hipkins today released the terms of reference for the Early Learning Strategic Plan, which aims to give all children genuine opportunities for high quality early learning…

Schools can now use public money for overseas trips

After a controversial school trip to Rarotonga for 35 people, a Dannevirke kura says it won’t spend school funds that way again…

Ministry welcomes findings on communities of learning

The Ministry of Education has welcomed a survey finding that about a third of teachers feel their teaching has been strengthened by new groups of local schools called “communities of learning”…

Kiwi children will benefit from ECE plan

Our youngest Kiwis will benefit from a completely fresh look at the Early Childhood Education sector..


Wednesday 4 April

Why is Easter Tuesday a school holiday?

A Ministry of Education Facebook post stating that some schools would be closed on the Tuesday after the long Easter weekend…

Education Council could spend $220000 to change its name, again

Education Minister Chris Hipkins’ February announcement about a name change for the Education Council to the Teaching Council of Aotearoa is estimated to cost $220,000…

Taskforce to review ‘Tomorrow’s Schools’ appointed

The experts charged with undertaking the biggest review of the way our schools are governed, managed and administered in 30 years have been appointed…

NZCER’s Cathy Wylie on ‘Tomorrow’s Schools’ taskforce

Dr Cathy Wylie, a Chief Researcher at the New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER), has been appointed to the 5-member taskforce that will lead the review of Tomorrow’s Schools.

Tuesday 3 April

Why some migrant school students do better than their local peers (they’re not ‘just smarter’)

Australians from some migrant backgrounds achieve better results than their local peers, according to recent reports on the academic performance of school students…

Pasifika early childhood centres at risk in NZ

Education Ministry figures show about 700 early childhood centres use Pasifika languages at least some of the time, including 130 that use them more than half the time…

Risky playgrounds build resilient children, say childhood educators

East Harbour Kindergarten children are encouraged to climb trees to build muscle and learn how to manage associated skills from the risk-taking activity…